• John Cawthron

    President. Expert financial manager. So good, he is routinely asked to take on practice challenges far outside of the scope of billing work. John understands the small picture, big picture and the global picture. This strength allows him to proactively put into place measures that seamlessly dovetail with future upstream market conditions to maintain a steady and uninterrupted profit flow. Charismatic and pragmatic, John brings unique thinking to the team that you literally won’t find anyplace else.
  • Wesley Gilliland

    Chief Executive Officer. Responsible for the management of multiple medical practices and related businesses. Expert at finding and implementing solutions to make practices of all sizes work smarter and more profitably than ever before. Wes is sought after for management, billing and strategic planning solutions. He is the team builder—bringing all the necessary resources to the table to achieve success.
  • Meredith Cawthron

    Chief Operating Officer and Legal Counsel. As an attorney, Meredith examines things from every side before making a decision. Meredith’s ability to make complex matters understandable and to provide an overriding shield of protection to physician practice matters makes her invaluable when words, contracts and nuances of billing matter. Meredith serves as yet another in the diverse team that brings assurance to your CGC billing decision.
  • David Jung

    Chief Information Officer. David is the mastermind behind CGC’s IT services and oversees software development and upgrades. David’s calm, collected and methodical approach guarantees successful conversions each and every time. His mind understands the smallest of details and most intricate of systems interconnections. If CGC had a secret weapon, it would be David.
  • Virginia Cawthron

    Chief Financial Officer. Virginia has a sixth sense on where to go and what to do that simultaneously brings comfort and confidence to her clients and to the team. Her accounting precision coupled with abundant people skills give her the crystal ball insights that are proven right time after time. Her mind at the table ups the creative bar in any meeting and on any assignment regardless of the complexity of the challenge.