• CGC has been an enormous time saver for me, allowing me to focus on the patient’s needs instead of distracting me with mundane billing and insurance processing. They access our billing server remotely, thus leaving us with full control over our accounts. We made a switch to CGC because the billing office we were using wasn’t efficient and we were losing money on unpaid claims and claims with errors. Now my billing is done promptly with bi-weekly claim reports and regular account receivable reports. My collection percentage is very high and if there is ever a question or problem with
    a claim, I call Bridgette and my problem is resolved quickly. I can’t say enough about the professionalism and efficiency of the service they provide.

    Office Manager, General Surgery
    Waco, Texas
  • Having worked in healthcare Revenue Cycle operations and IT for over fifteen years and most recently as a nationwide healthcare consultant for five years, I was amazed to find an outsourcing solution with the experienced leadership and staff that puts the patient first! Being a patient centric business enables CGC Billing to provide the highest level of customer service to the physicians and patients. When my long-term client requested I find a viable outsourcing solution, I initially cringed at the thought. Most of my prior consulting projects were to clean-up the failed outsourcing attempt! Yet here I was on the other end of the equation trying to find the perfect strategic partner for a long-term successful engagement.

    After three months of due diligence to find the perfect outsourcing solution for my multi-specialty client, CGC Billing beat out large national vendors on their customer service model, price and experienced staff. CGC leadership assisted the client make the right decisions to ensure a smooth transition occurred. The CGC Billing staff’s mission is to fight for every dollar for the physicians, which facilitates CGC leadership to focus on the financial health of the physician practice, so the doctor can focus on the clinical health of the community. I cannot say enough good things about the CGC Billing leadership and staff. Simply amazing!

    Consultant, Multispecialty Clinic
    Temple, Texas