What We Do

Assume Accountability with a high level of customer service for your day to day billing, MANAGE it to perfection and MAXIMIZE reimbursements for your practice.

• Allow you to focus on the clinical health of your patients while we focus on the financial health of your practice.
• Allow you to better utilize your office staff and space as a profit center—not a cost center.
• Allow you to combat rising costs and declining reimbursements.

YEArs Of EXpErIENCE hAvE shOwN Us ThAT NO TwO prACTICEs ArE ALIkE. Our success has been driven by the unique ability to adapt standard billing processes to your practice—allowing you to exploit our extensive knowledge and procedures that have proven themselves in countless transactions daily. Collaboration with you and your office staff is fundamental to producing improved outcomes. We are prepared to work in your environment- whether ambulatory, hospital-based, emergency, nursing home, surgery center or other ancillary setting.

To produce our EXCEpTIONAL results, we find and recruit hIGh CALIBEr INdIvIdUALs from a variety of professions. Then we exhaustively train them to a higher standard. As a result, we have a staff of skILLEd, EXpErIENCEd, ANd CErTIfIEd revenue cycle healthcare professionals that CONsIsTENTLY dELIvEr ThE hIGhEsT rEsULTs.